Sound Therapy can play a roll in decreasing stress and anxiety, help with PTSD,  be an aide to help you focus in meditation, help improve sleep, help reduce anger and depression, be an aide in pain management, give you a sense of spiritual well-being, and overall just be a relaxing experience.   

The vibrational power of sound alone can shift things in your body.  The average human body is comprised of around 60% water and ranges from 45% to 75% based on many factors.*  Our organs, skin, bones, blood, and muscles are comprised of varying percentages of water.  We have all seen what vibrations do to water so it's no surprise there are benefits on the human body.  In addition to vibration (which is all sound whether we can hear it or not), sound therapy can help center your brain by the use of frequencies.  Sound therapy triggers the theta and alpha brainwaves influencing positive immune function, relaxation, creativity, and can make you more receptive to positive thoughts, accepting oneself, and being open to healing.** Sound therapy helps to facilitate shifts in our brainwave states by using frequencies and sound vibrations.  This can entrain our brainwaves and it then becomes possible to shift from our normal beta state (normal waking consciousness) to alpha (relaxed consciousness), and even reach theta (meditative state) as well as delta (sleep, where internal healing can occur)​.

In general, a sound therapy is a listening experience where sound waves interact with your entire body and mind invoking a general sense of relaxation and therapeutic health benefits. 


Sound therapy is for anyone and everyone.  There is nothing to learn beforehand, you don't need to be flexible or in good shape, you can be any age, and you don't need to know how to meditate.  


Wear comfortable clothes.  Drink plenty of water the day of as sound waves travel more efficiently through water.  Eat lightly beforehand as a full tummy can get in the way.  Give yourself plenty of time to get to your location if it's at a brick and mortar or if it's online find a calm space in your home.


​I am a Level One Practitioner certified through Medicine of Sound and I am a Sound Therapy and Sound Healing Accredited Practitioner through Soul Remember accredited by the CTAA.  You can check out my bio on my home page for more on performing, recording, teaching, my music, workshops, and other creative endeavors.  I aim to offer people the relaxation and healing possibilities that can come from sound healing.  I love music and I love the healing aspects of it.  


1 on 1 Sound Therapy Sessions

A 1 on 1 Sound Session is a relaxing and immersive sound experience.  1 on 1 we can cater to specific needs.  You are encouraged to bring your own eye mask.
Online and for Home Visits:  For the best experience you are encouraged to lie down with your eyes closed. A blanket and pillow are an added comfort and some may like to use an eye mask to enhance the relaxation process. When experienced online I encourage you to use headphones for better sound and a sense of in person immersion.

Half Hour 1 on 1 Sound Session  
            ~ In Person - $55
            ~ Online - $40
            ~ Home Visit - Contact for pricing.

Hour 1 on 1 Sound Session
            ~ In Person - $85
            ~ Online -  $70
            ~ Home Visit -Contact for pricing.

​After you have booked your session please click below to download and complete the “Client Intake Form”. This form is very important to helping me cater the session to your specific needs. The information provided is confidential.

The form is a pdf that can be either completed on your computer and emailed to me, or it can be printed and filled in by hand. Once complete, please either scan it, and email the scan to me, or take a clear picture with your cell phone, and email that image to me.  My email is MegThomasPercussion@gmail.com

It is important that you complete and return this form to me no later that 24 hours prior to your session.

Intimate Sound Session for 2 or 3​

This is a private in person sound bath for two or three people using Tibetan Singing Bowls, gong, and other various instruments.

Laying down with your eyes closed you and a friend, partner, family member, etc will enjoy a relaxing and rejuvinating hour of the soothing sounds of singing bowls, gong, and other sound therapy instruments.  This sound session has the potential to reduce your stress level, improve sleep, and improve mood among other health benefits.  Lay back and experience this unique sound session with a loved one(s) or bestie(s) and soak in the healing sounds to reset your nervous system!

I suggest yoga mats or soft mats, blankets, eye coverings, and anything you need to feel cozy. Sorry, I won't have rentals.

This event is limited to 2 to 3 people. 

Cost for two people 
Cost for three people

Group Sound Sessions - Sound Bath

A Group Sound Session or Sound Bath is a 45-60 minute relaxing and immersive sound experience.  For the best experience participants are encouraged to lie down with your eyes closed.  A blanket and pillow are an added comfort and some may like to use an eye mask to enhance the relaxation process and aid in listening to the soothing sounds of Tibetan singing bowls and various other instruments.  When experienced online I encourage participants to use headphones for better sound and a sense of in person immersion.

Small Groups - These are sessions for a group of individuals like friends and/ or family.  This is a nice thing to build bonding in a healthy and relaxing way.

            ~ In Person - Contact for pricing.
            ~ Online - Contact for pricing.

​~ Corporate Groups - Group sound sessions are great for centering (aiding in focus) and grounding as well as reducing stress in the work environment. The group sound session can help boost creativity, productivity, and give a sense of peacefulness and unification for your team.

            ~ In Person - Contact for pricing.
            ~ Online - Contact for pricing.

Online Sound Therapy and Meditation Music Package

This is a monthly subscription on Patreon that gives you access to Sound Therapy videos as well as Meditation Music videos.  Sound Therapy videos are around 10 minutes up to 30 minutes in length.  The Meditation Music videos are short videos meant for relaxation and stress reduction. They start at 2 minutes and go up from there.  They are meant for a quick meditation or relaxation when you are short on time.  These videos will include Tibetan singing bowls, gong, steel tongue drum, and other instruments.  For the best experience you are encouraged to lie down with your eyes closed. A blanket and pillow are an added comfort and some may like to use an eye mask to enhance the relaxation process and aid in listening.  I encourage you to use headphones for better sound and a sense of in-person immersion.  This could also be an addition to a yoga practice.

                     ~ Join Here:  

​​Gift Certificates are available for purchase!

​                                                        To Book A Sound Session:  

​** Sound Therapy: Healing with the Singing Bowl - Green Leatherr

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Enjoy this 11 Minute Sound Healing for Relaxation

This sound healing is meant for relaxation, improving sleep, and stress reduction. It ends with an emphasis on the root chakra encouraging a sense of grounding and emotional regulation. This is best experienced in a comfortable position/ laying down with headphones and eyes closed. 

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