Percussion is the heartbeat of the music world.

Meg's solo work is a journey through cultures and time. Using percussion instruments exclusively on each piece, Meg weaves rhythms on a tapestry colored with undiscovered worlds and peoples. Explore the many cultures, continents, passions, styles, feels, and techniques as Meg connects you to the vast and diverse family of percussion instruments and their interconnections. The theme of world connection and the primal need of finding your own path are threads laced through all of her work.
solo work
Meg Thomas

"The Passage" by Meg Thomas​
Debut Single 
Released February 28, 2017

​Instrumentation on "The Passage"
Meg plays Congas, Drum set, Tongue drum, Berimbau, Tabla, Djembe, Darbuka, Triangle, and Shaker. 

Written by Meg Thomas.
Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered by Chris LaFrombois at FoldBack Recording in Chicago, IL.

Photo by Michelle Heyden, Visual Artist. 
Photo © Michelle Heyden.
Photo used with permission.
This photo is a cropped version of Michelle's piece, "Burst" from her "Pulse" series.
New Release coming soon!
"Gateway" by Meg Thomas

In this piece Meg plays congas, drum set, tongue drum, cuica, tan tan, bells, djembe, gourd drum, claves, vibra slap, cabasa, finger cymbals, and rattles.